I woke up this morning with a thought that I have had several times since the girls accident.

The thought was...

the body has an incredible ability to heal itself!

I've been amazed over the past few weeks as I have seen staples and stitches removed and watched healing take place...

little by little,

day by day,


Sometimes when we have Erica's brace open for cleaning on her stomach, we will take a picture of the scar so she can look at it closer.

It took a few days for her to be able to even want to see the scar.

It's been neat to see the transformation.

At first I could see the discomfort in her face as she saw the mended wound...

the imperfection.

But honestly I've come to look at that scar as something beautiful.

A reminder

of a life saved...

of God 's faithfulness...

of the overwhelming love of friends...

of overcoming...

of  a  Christmas to remember.

I  thought of the body of Christ, the Church, and how by being a part of His body it  brings healing to us individually.

I love the power of the church!

Again, the Body has the ability to heal itself,  but if the body is not assembled back to together how can it be healed?  Erica needed the help of a surgeon to mend the wounds on her colon.  In the surgeons own words, "I reconnected her colon."

God cannot not heal our wounds if we are not willing to be connected to His body.

I also had the realization that when it's our scars all we see is the imperfection...


when we look at the scars on others we are reminded...

of a life saved...

of God's faithfulness...

of overcoming.

What stories do your scars tell?

The rest of the body needs to hear and see your scars so that they and you may be healed!

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  • Betty Jo Holmes

    Scars are just tatoo’s with better stories. Scars, both emotional and physical are evidence of our being here and being “human”. It is what we choose to remember or forget because of those scars that make the difference in how we live our lives.

  • Diane Proctor

    Susan – God has given you the ability to write and to touch people through your words. Thank you so much for sharing this struggle – MIRACLE with us. Everytime I read your blog, it brings tears to MY eyes! It is an amazing thing, our body. And I think of all of the intricate details that God put into creating us. Studying in the medical field, it allows for an insightfullness that you normally don’t think about…until of course, you see it for yourself, like you’re seeing those scars mending over time. Now think back to the creation of each of your children – the connection they had to their lifeline – You! Your body might bare the marks of childbirth, which is a beautiful reminder of the gifts that God has given you – all FIVE of them, and I thank God that all FIVE are still with You! He is a good and faithful God! Thank you for sharing – please don’t stop!

  • Susan

    Your comment brought tears to my eyes Kristen. Thanks so much for sharing! I can remember being pregnant with Michael and grabbing the girls and running to the church to get Ron when your mom called me frantic telling you were in a horrible accident.
    What a beautiful story your scar tells. So proud of you. You are a beautiful woman, wife and mother. Thanks again for sharing your powerful words! Can’t wait for the girls to read them! Love you always!

  • Kristen Houser

    What a beautiful way of looking at Erica’s scar! I remember looking at my scar the first time. I was 19 years old, just starting my life and now I have this ugly 10 inch long 1.5 inch wide scar that will never go away! I never wanted anyone to see it because it was so ugly but then as time went on it became more of a life line to me. Even though it was a struggle once I got married for me to even show my husband I realized that of course he didn’t see the scar he just saw me. God sent me back so that I could marry him and give mine and his parents two great grandkids. God sent me back with the scar as a reminder that I was not done yet and that I have a story to tell. Ercia may look at her scar and say ewww! or she may be just fine with it. But tell her she was sent back with a story to tell because she’s not done yet!!! Love you guys and I’m so glad everyone is doing better!! Kristen (Bishop) Houser

  • Susan

    Yes, I remember you Dawn! Thanks so much for your sweet words. Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to connecting with you sometime.

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