Celebrations and Tears

The next few days are filled with celebrating the 11th birthday of my youngest child, the 22nd birthday of my oldest and the 81st of my Father.

The first part of this week was spent visiting with my in-laws.   For years it was Ron and Susan and  "the girls".   Then our home was filled with "the boys".  Because of my girls' schedules, this family trip was the first of many I'm sure, that just included our boys. 

It was a special time for them as their Granddad and father took them around town and showed them houses lived in, streets played on, and ended with grave sites of those gone before.   As I stood around the graves of people whose lives meant so much to so many... life felt so important and unimportant at the same time.

Weeks like this seem to portray the theme of my life....

Celebrating the oldest and the youngest...

Loud and quiet...

Creative and simple...

People person and loner...

Laughter and tears...

Feasting and famine...

Love and hate...

Grace and judgement...

Healing and pain...

Support and aloneness...

Successes and disappointments...

Whole and broken.


Life is hard.  The life of a Christian is hard.

We just celebrated Easter last week... what a great example of

pain, sacrifice, death and victory all wrapped up together for us to remember and celebrate.

 My kids got to hear their grandmother play the piano at the assisted living home that she now lives at because of the disease that has attacked her mind.    As I watched her play with perfection the songs she had spent years playing in church for others,  I wondered why...

I cried as we drove away that day.

I cried that she doesn't know my husband was her baby boy.

I cried that she isn't able to enjoy the grandchildren that she helped me take care of as infants coming home from the hospital.

I cried because her husband is home alone after 54 years of marriage.

I cried because life is hard.

I cried for myself and decisions I am facing that don't seem fair.

I'm trying to see life through eternal eyes and determine those things that are worth fighting for and those that aren't.

I don't have time to spend on things that seem important in this life, but in the end when people are standing around my grave really aren't.

Sorry if this is a downer to you... of course as we tend to do, the only pics to post are of the smiles, not the tears.

So be assured my friend lest you think you're the only one standing in life caught between the two extremes...

"Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning".  Psalms 30:5


  • Susan

    Thank you for sharing your heart Sue. So great to hear the testimony of God’s faithfulness in your life during the hard times. You are dear to Him! Keep trusting!

  • Susan

    It was great seeing you too Peggy! Yes, so grateful for His faithfulness! Love you!

  • Lisa

    That is beautiful, Susan. My grandmother, who was my lifeline growing up, had alzheimer’s disease. It is such a difficult thing to put into perspective as are the ups and downs of life. I am thankful that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God bless you. Love, Lisa

  • Sue Harris

    Susan, Like everyone else, I have had the pain and the joy. When my Dad passed on in 2005, I didn’t know I would grieve so intensely. Then in 2007, my husband of 39 1/2 yrs. Bill ( Dub), ran on to be with the Lord. Again, I grieved and this time the aloneness became a big issue. Then my Mom moved in with me about 4 months later. I didn’t feel as alone, although the grief had become a constant companion. Momma needed me and it was good to have her with me. Momma passed in June 2010 and my world imploded once more. Although God is ever present and I know it is so, I have struggled to find joy.
    God is teaching me how to recognize my onself and appreciate the value he finds in me. It is difficult to be alone. But, for sure, you have lots of time to reflect and without any distraction. Life is hard. My faith has shown me that “Joy does come in the morning”. I struggle, maybe more than I should, over the pains of life. As time goes on, I am learning how sweet the joy is when it comes. Then the tears of pain are replaced with tears of joy.

    It blesses me to know that Jackie is playing the piano. Dick, Jackie and the 5 R’s have had a wonderful ministry as long as I have known them. It is a blessing to know that their ministry continues through themselves and their children and their children’s children. God always provides a way to experience his joy. Glory be to God!

    Thank you for sharing your inspirations and thoughts. They are very helpful.

  • Peggy Morris

    This is excellent, Susan. It was great seeing you and Ron & the boys this week. And I understand your pain and have shed some of those same tears. But oh, how wonderful that joy comes in the morning. His promises are ours to hold. He is faithful! I love you, sis.

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