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Chuck Norris, Psalm 31 woman, Jack Bauer and Moms

Yesterday was Mother's Day and besides having a blast hanging out all day with my 5  fabulous kiddos, I loved, loved, LOVED seeing all the pics on social media of all my mom friends and their children. So many wonderful tributes written to celebrate Motherhood, but I have to admit this Facebook post written by my oldest sister about our mom is my 'fav' for the day! Not that I didn't always think my mom was pretty incredible, but now as a mother of five myself  I think she was way beyond incredible! Before you get all weighted down with not measuring up as a mom, let me explain. She was incredible because she continued to be a mom... In...

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Mothers Day

A big shout out to moms today!   Blessed to be able to spend the day with my mom and my children. Never take for granted the influence God has given you in mothering! love ya!    

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You can have it all...just not all at once!

As a young mother I struggled at times with the statement,  "You can have it all!" Most of the time this statement was referring to you can be a wife, mother and still pursue your personal dreams.  I would go through endless cycles of trying to organize my life into making this statement a reality.   Then finally one day I heard someone say,  "You can have it all...just not all at once!"   That set me free from my constant frustration of thinking if I just tried a little harder I could do it all.  I started looking at my life more in terms of seasons and made a decision to be present and enjoy each one because as we all...

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