Baby Rescue

In April 2015 I traveled to Guatemala, along with some ladies from Leading & Loving It, with World Help.   We visited Hope of Life International.  Not only did I witness first hand babies being rescued from the mountains and nearby villages of this wonderful ministry, I saw life-giving work that involved total transformation of villages that have had a hopeless existence.

Since I'm a mother of 5, I committed to rescuing Five Babies when I returned.  $1200 brings not only medical care to one dying baby, but educational, spiritual and life transforming care to an entire family for a year.

We accomplished the goal of $6000 to rescue 5 babies.  We have now taken on the Mission to Transform a Village.  You can click on the image of me and one of the babies I held in Guatemala to read more about that project!

Give Now!


Take a few minutes to watch the World Help video below to learn more about Operation Baby Rescue.