Susan Beth

Over the years I have enjoyed creating my own decorative designs for my home and event use.  After creating a paper flower wall (16ft x 8ft) for my daughters wedding and other decorative items utilizing coffee filters, I have received requests from family and friends for new pieces. 

So, I have created some new pieces to sell with proceeds going to a few projects I am currently involved with.

Operation Baby Rescue (Guatemala)

Work Release Feeding Program (Local) 

Take a few minutes to watch the World Help video below to see learn more about Operation Baby Rescue.  I will be traveling to Guatemala in April along with some ladies from Leading & Loving It.  This is an organization for women in Ministry that I have been part of for the past several years.  As a mother of 5, when I saw these precious babies and the opportunity to serve and get them the help they need I knew it was something I wanted to be involved with.  Any items you purchase at this time will be assisting me with trip expenses and work with this project.

As well as the Guatemala Project, I weekly assist my friend Pam who is feeding 60 plus men on a work release program here locally. What started out as a desire to meet a basic need at the end of a long work day has become so much more than that.  The love and hope of Jesus that is being shared in a tangible way with these men is priceless. That bus stop on the other side of town has become holy ground to me. As we break bread together every Thursday evening hope is amplified in all of our lives.

Thank you for partnering with me with your purchase!

Susan xx

Operation Baby Rescue Story from World Help on Vimeo.